What’s the difference between a sports massage and a tie massage?

Many of the massage names we know are given according to the name, purpose, and tool name of the country where they were born.

The massage that started in Thailand is called Thai massage, and the massage for athletes is called sports massage. If you use aroma oil extracted from herbs, it’s called aroma massage. There are many ways to classify massage such as country of birth, tools, and massage areas.

However, there are three types of massage available at Korean massage shops and spas: △ dry massage △ wet massage △ tie massage. This is distinguished for convenience, and it is helpful to know the characteristics of each massage and receive the massage you want.

Dry massage is a massage that you don’t use oil, and you get it while you’re dressed. The most representative dry massage is sports massage.

Sports massage is a massage that relaxes clumped muscles by rubbing or tapping them with your hands.

Sports massage is originally designed for athletes to recover from fatigue and improve their performance in a short period of time, but recently, a lot of ordinary people receive it. It can correct body imbalance as well as recovering from fatigue, and it has a calming effect, so it is good for stressed office workers to receive it.

Wet massage is a massage that applies lubricant such as oil and lotion to the skin and gently rubs it off. These include aroma massage using aroma oil, meridian massage that stimulates acupuncture, and Swedish massage based on anatomy and physiology.

The meridian massage is a massage that pierces blocked blood along the meridian and stimulates the meridian point to help blood circulation. It’s good for people who have swollen and numb hands and feet easily.

Thai massage is a traditional Thai massage that combines stretching and massage, and is also called ‘Tai Yoga’ because of its unique method. We don’t use oil, and the ratio of upper and lower body massage is 3:7, which is mainly done on the lower body. It is good to relieve body tension by stretching to relieve body imbalance, relieve fatigue and boost vitality, and receive it when the body is lumped and weak.

Kim Sang-tae, head of the Korea Massage Therapy Association, said, “I recommend a sports massage that intensively massages the back of the upper body when the neck, back, and shoulders are stiff, and an oil massage if you want to get an emotional stability, soft and cool massage.”

Director Kim also advised people to visit op-stores with different concepts depending on the massage they want. If you feel stiff, visit the regular Signature OP store (오피시그니처). If you want to improve your turtle neck, it’s good to go to a body shape correction shop that does massage and body shape correction exercises together.

Director Kim also stressed, “Since each massage has a technology suitable for the target and purpose, it is important to find a skilled massage therapy rather than choosing different massage techniques depending on specific symptoms or situations.”

He added, “You can get a satisfactory massage when you find a reliable massage therapy and visit several times to find the area where you are sick and the optimized massage pressure.”

How much do I need to get a massage to feel the effect?

An official from Spa AHC, a spa aesthetic brand, explained, “Because massage has different pressures and methods depending on the condition of the body, the period during which each person can see effects is different.”

Director Kim said, “The massage effect varies depending on the situation,” but added, “The symptoms can be improved with just one massage, such as tightness in certain areas, poor condition, and swelling in the face, but depending on the symptoms, it can take 1 to 6 months.”