How to receive liposage lymphatic circulation massage and manage cellulite

Here are the reviews on how to manage cellulite after receiving liposage lymphatic circulation massage and experiencing it directly at Gangnam Massage.

Compared to my body size, my back looks especially wide and my arms gain weight easily. When I was on a diet, my blood circulation didn’t go well usually, but I thought I should find a care that fits my body, not just a massage.

lymphatic circulation massage

Lipoma massage What is lymphatic circulation massage?

For those of you who don’t know anything about liposage like me, let me tell you some of the explanations I’ve heard from the director that it’s a care that relaxes and melts the fascia that surrounds your body, improving lymph flow and circulation. As soon as he saw it, he pointed out that my arms are bigger than my body type. And he said it’s not flesh, it’s cellulite, and to put it simply, it’s a lump of waste.

The lymphatic circulation in the body is not good, so it builds up, not fat, but because it swells up, it looks fat, and just because you lose weight, you don’t lose it
It’s a problem that I had, and it’s a solution. I’ve been thinking that I’m the type of person who easily gains weight in my arms, but it turns out that it was a lump of waste that had stagnated due to lymphatic circulation.

In the meantime, I found out about the famous Gangnam massage related to body line and therapy, and there was a unique difference from general management. First of all, the liposage that I received this time is a special care developed in the United States.

I’ve heard of it a lot, but I didn’t get it because I didn’t know when and when to get it, but after 강남안마, he explained it well so that I could understand it, and at the same time, I found out that it’s really necessary care.

Visit first, fill out a simple survey, and the consultation will begin. As it turns out, the head of Gangnam Massage wrote a master’s thesis on the effect of changing the body shape of women in their 20s and 30s, and it is also registered in the National Assembly Library
He’s been managing a lot of people, and he’s been observing changes.

So I could really relate to the fact that it has a differentiated expertise from the place where it is vaguely followed by handwriting. For those who get regular and continuous care,
It seemed that light stretching and exercising were also combined.

Experience Liposage Lymphatic Circulation Massage

First, I put on disposable underwear and a gown to get care. It’s not that other employees take turns taking care of it mechanically, but 강남안마 takes care of it directly, so it’s more reliable.

The waste and cellulite accumulated in the body are discharged through the liposage lymphatic circulation massage, and the rough skin becomes smooth and naturally slimming effect occurs.

I got the most worry-free upper body care.Love handle waistline, abdomen, back and arms.In the case of lower body intensive care, the waistline and abdomen of the love handle are in common, and it includes the hips, thighs, calves, and ankles. When I got my first treatment, I screamed because it hurt so much, but it was really cool at the same time.

It’s the process of relaxing the attached fascia that you told me for the first time, but in my case, it’s very bad, so it can hurt that much. He smashed my armpits and arms without hesitation with his quick hands. I think it hurts when I receive it, but it’s strangely cool, so I keep receiving it. I think it has a strange charm.I’m still itching to get it, so I want to it again.

Above all, I thought that liposage was a good care for my body, so I thought I should take it regularly. After receiving it like this, first of all, my shoulders and arms are not good, so I need to get intensive care of my upper body, but I also want to get a separate lower body because I have lower body edema.

강남안마 Liposage Special Program

In fact, the 강남안마 special program based on ★ 강남안마 director ★’s theory and 20 years of experience is a technology that cannot be easily copied anywhere else, so you can see how uneven skin has improved with just one treatment.

Also, you taught me how to easily follow the lymphatic circulation at home, but I’ve been doing it consistently these days. I filmed a short video of me getting my skin care done, even though it’s short, I attached it. If you wonder why you don’t lose weight in this area like me, or if you get swollen easily, it would be good to go to Gangnam massage.