Sports Massage Theory and Practice! a perfect guide

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Overview and Definitions

■ The treatment method performed to maintain muscle tension or efficiently promote fatigue recovery after exercise so that the athlete can adapt quickly to the exercise before the sport is conducted is called sports massage.

■ Flexibility of stiff muscles before exercising with bare hands without any tools, recovery from accumulated fatigue after exercising, and relax excessively used muscles (local massage: 3-5 minutes, full body massage: 30-60 minutes).

■ Sports massage features bare hands, making it very easy to do without special equipment or facilities. Massage has occurred naturally since ancient times and has been practiced all over the world. Massage has been used as a way to reduce pain by lightly rubbing or rubbing the area where you feel pain.

The ■ Sports Massage is one of the conditioning in sports competitions. Specifically, it is used for increased muscle flexibility, fatigue recovery or relaxation effects, but may include special medical massage areas for trauma or disability treatment.

■ Sports massage starts at the peripheral part of the body and faces the heart. This is called centripetality! Blood is pushed out of the heart, transmitted to the peripheral part through the arteries, and then back to the heart through the veins. Massage plays a very important role in helping the blood flow back to the market, so the movement from the peripheral to the central organ is fundamental, such as from the ankle to the knee to the wrist to the elbow. It uses muscle contraction or relaxation or squeezes veins to massage and compress blood vessels to promote blood circulation.

Therefore, the purpose of the sports massage is to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation to prevent injuries by making the muscles in a state that is prone to tension.

Sports massage effect

■ By stimulating the skin to promote blood circulation, it has the effect of flexing muscles and joints and stimulating or calming nerves.

  1. Skin: If you touch the skin directly, the blood vessels in the epidermis expand, promoting blood circulation and boosting metabolism. It calms down and relieves skin tension.
  2. Muscles: The flow of blood or lymph in the muscles is smooth, waste is removed, and tense muscles are relaxed, making movement more flexible.
  3. Joints: By facilitating blood circulation within the joint, metabolism and secretion of joint fluid are promoted, and joint movement is flexible.
  4. Blood circulation: The blood flow through the muscles, intestines, and joints increases the circulation function of the whole body, and removes waste from the blood to prevent fatigue.
  5. Nervous: The nerves calm down with soft stimulation and excite with strong stimulation, and the activity of the nerves improves the motor skills of the whole body.

Points to Note for Sports Massage

  1. Immediately after injury: Immediately after a joint sprain, bruise, muscle dislocation, etc., inflammation such as swelling or fever due to internal bleeding occurs, so if you massage, the inflammation will worsen.
  2. When you have a fever: If you massage when you have a fever due to a cold, etc., the fever may increase and worsen the bed.
  3. When you drink alcohol: Alcohol expands blood vessels in your body Therefore, there is a risk that the symptoms of the fatigue area will worsen due to strong stimulation.
  4. When the pain is severe: Even if there is no swelling or internal bleeding on the surface, massage can make the inflammation worse, so avoid it.
  5. When a doctor instructs you to discontinue: If a specialist instructs you to suspend the massage, follow the instructions.
  6. People with skin diseases
  7. Abdominal care is prohibited during menstrual cycle.
  8. For pregnant women, do not affect the fetus.